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September 30, 2004
Garbage truck advertisements OK'd in Hollywood, but with taste, no trash
(From the Sun Sentinel)

City commissioners have found a trashy way to raise extra cash: advertisements on garbage trucks. But the ads, of course, must be tasteful. [Click for the full article]

September 29, 2004
City commissioners today will vote on a plan that could bring in more than $100,000 a year, according to the man who proposed it.
(From the Miami Herald)

Hollywood could decide today to clean up with a down-and-dirty marketing idea: Selling advertising on garbage trucks. [Click for the full article]

July 12, 2004
VisionBurst Launches Web Site for American Democracy Project; Controversial Site to be Featured on The O'Reilly Factor
CastorTruth.com exposes the alleged mishandling of allegations of terrorist infiltration at University of South Florida by Senatorial Candidate Betty Castor during her tenure there as President. [Click for the full article]

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